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Saturday, February 17 2018 15:55:30 EST
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This page contains a summary of several connexion tests performed on key components of the network.

Server Status (HTTP) Good (SMTP) Good (DNS) Good (DNS) Good (POP3) Good (Webmail) Good (Domain reg.) Good
Extern. 1 Good
Google (HTTP) Good
Yahoo (HTTP) Good (IMAP) Good (FTP) Good
Extern. 2 Good
Hotmail (HTTP) Good
ICQ/AOL (5190) Good
Last update on Sat Feb 17 15:55:00 2018

Network status history:

2017-11-02 08:46:54 EDTThe mail server is back online. All our servers are functional.
2017-11-02 08:38:21 EDTOur mail server is experiencing some issues this morning. We are actively working on fixing it. We will keep you posted on the developments.
2017-09-10 13:40:57 EDTThe Intermittent iussue with the VoIP switch was identified and has been fixed. All services are now fully functional
2017-09-10 13:36:06 EDTUPDATE: Our VoIP services are now functional
2017-09-09 19:22:19 EDTWe are currently investigating intermittent call drops on our VoIP switch. Some calls are being dropped under a minute duration. We are actively working to resolve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will keep you updated as it is resolved.
2017-05-30 11:50:14 EDTAll systems are running smoothly
2017-05-14 19:00:00 EDTIn order to limit the propagation of the current SMBv1 exploits:
The folowing ports are blocked: UDP ports 137-138 and TCP ports 445,137,139
2017-03-10 10:57:48 ESTAll systems are running
2017-02-16 12:33:03 ESTAll our systems are functioning properly.
2017-01-19 15:04:47 ESTOur phone system rebooted. If you have issues restart your VoIP adapter. All systems are functioning properly.

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