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Wednesday, January 18 2017 06:56:26 EST
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This page contains a summary of several connexion tests performed on key components of the network.

Server Status (HTTP) Good (SMTP) Good (DNS) Good (DNS) Good (POP3) Good (Webmail) Good (Domain reg.) Good
Extern. 1 Good
Google (HTTP) Good
Yahoo (HTTP) Good (IMAP) Good (FTP) Good
Extern. 2 Good
Hotmail (HTTP) Good
ICQ/AOL (5190) Good
Last update on Wed Jan 18 06:55:04 2017

Network status history:

2016-12-31 17:37:40 UTCOn this last Saturday of 2016 our servers are working fine and no outage was reported. The email service is running with no issue. VIF is wishing you a Happy New Year!
2015-08-29 17:56:50 UTCUPDATE: Secondary maintenance will be done with the power source in downtown center. Work must be done between 2:30pm and 3:00pm and our services will be turned off. Please make sure to restart all your devices after this time to insure you get back the service quickly
2015-08-29 08:44:55 UTCMaintenance work was done in downtown in our main colocation center and power was turned off for 6 hours. Services have been back since 6:30 am. If you are still experiencing loss of service, please restart all your equipments by turning off and turning on. Please be careful not to reset your devices
2010-04-11 06:00:00 EDTOn Sunday April 11, we experienced a major outage resulting from a general equipment failure. The service has been re-established since then but we are currently experiencing congestion issues, as many of our users are trying to reconnect at the same time. At this point in time, the best solution is to keep trying to reconnect until authentication succeeds. Thank you for understanding.
2009-11-16 10:43:13 ESTThe webmail service is now fully functionnal.
2009-11-15 14:12:56 ESTSome of our members are currently experiencing stability issues while using our email relay server. We expect this service to be restored to full capacity in the following hours.
2009-11-13 09:00:03 ESTThe VoIP phone maintenance was completed as of last morning, November 12.
2009-11-06 12:07:24 ESTSome of our users could experience certain issues with our VoIP phone service due to ongoing maintenance operations. We are trying to reduce any possible inconvenients as much as we can and to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
2009-10-22 13:29:56 EDTThe aforementionned VoIP issues were resolved during the evening of October 8.
2009-10-08 11:10:30 EDTSince monday October 5 we have encountered intermittent issues with VoIP ( We are currently working with our VoiP solution's development team to fix the issues as soon as possible.

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